Expert Program

Plugd Orlando Expert Program


We believe that to be Plugd  you need to be able to understand and master every aspect of a campaign. As such we run a rotational management-training platform that develops generations of managers that are ‘brought up’ within our culture. This 5-8 month training program allows you the client to feel confident that we’ll ace your campaign, irrespective of which individual Plugd Orlando Expert is handing your project.

Plugd Ambassador

We have someone spend 2-4 weeks as a part of the marketing team, gaining invaluable experience of what makes a Plugd campaign. Alongside developing skills within storytelling, customer interaction and acquisition, and a level of adaptability by working on multiple campaigns, our Experts in Training also get to spend time with the team they’ll be learning to manage, fostering a relationship and a level of empathy that will allow them to be a Plugd Orlando leader!

Plugd Leader

Once someone has mastered the basics, we want them to learn how to teach and train those same basics back. By having ground up learning, we ensure that as knowledge is taught back it doesn’t become diluted. An individual is learning Plugd Orlando leadership in the following areas at this point:

  • Interviewing
  • Public Speaking
  • Team Management
  • Training new hires
  • Social media and digital branding
  • Expanding ‘footprints’ for a brand
  • Professional networking

Plugd Junior Expert

As a Junior Expert, this person shadows an Expert and learns the day to day of Project Management, whilst overseeing and coaching the Plugd Orlando Leaders. During this part of the rotation we’ll focus on

  • Marketing Strategy and building a narrative arc for a campaign
  • HR
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Compliance
  • Client meetings / presentations
  • Budget negotiation

Once someone has sharpened their skills by completing their training in all three, then they’re ready to spearhead your campaign and graduate into being a Plugd Orlando Expert. It means continuity during growth, but also peace of mind for you knowing that the person handling your brand is a quantifiable Plugd Orlando Expert in all areas of a campaign.

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Covid-19 UpdateYour safety is our top priority!

Our offices have implemented changes in order to prioritize your health and the health of others.  When visiting our office, you should expect:

  1. Temperature scans upon arrival
  2. Hand sanitizer as you walk in
  3. Social distancing encouraged